Our People

"It has been over three years since I joined AGS and I have always had the opportunity to work with passionate people who take pride in their work. The kind of freedom I have had at AGS is something I don’t think I have had before in my career. I can express my thoughts and concerns at any meeting without any inhibition and participate in initiatives that satisfy my intellectual appetite. "

-Marcus Chen


“It’s amazing how we have been able to retain the agility of a small company while growing at a rapid pace. One thing that has remained constant over the years is the persistent focus on people delight. AGS truly differentiates its people as its biggest asset. A tough selection process ensures that you work with the best minds in the industry. You are inspired to take on challenging jobs and ample opportunities are made available. Plus, you get to learn a lot, work on cutting-edge technologies and build a great career at the same time. "

-Kyle Wu
Business Consulting Manager


"When I joined AGS as a fresh graduate, I was looking for a challenging career. From then on, AGS has never denied me the challenge I was looking for so much.  I’m thrilled with the opportunity to achieve way beyond what would have been individually possible by having the luxury of being part of a team with a great set of individuals. It is with pride that I say AGS has helped me grow in stature and experience – not just in my career, but also in life."

-Meredith Wang
Senior Consultant