IP Rights

AMAX Global Services (AGS) is a U.S. based company and we understand that security and IP protection is a key issue when choosing a partner for your software outsourcing needs. Our experience in tailoring IP protection programs for offshore development centers has allowed us to create what we believe is the most secure offshore development facility in China.

Physical Security:

  • Photo ID cards and access cards are issued to all employees; entry/exit tracking
  • Visitors are provided with separate ID cards and are not allowed beyond specific access points, Internal staff accompanies them during their visit to the office premises
  • Presence of security guards
  • 16-Channel Video Surveillance system 24/7
  • Strict secured access to server rooms


Data Access Security:

  • Security Firewalls are installed to prevent unauthorized access to the network
  • No writable disks or external hard drives are allowed on the premises
  • Access to important files and directories is given only to specific personnel
  • By default, all ports (USB, Serial, Parallel) are disabled on PCs. Enabling of the required ports is done only on specific requests by the client


Network Security:

  • Each client's process is run on a separate VLAN/VPN when run off-shore/off-site
  • Real-time Anti-virus, Windows security update and SPAM protection for desktops and servers
  • Dedicated DBA/Network Administrator
  • Annual maintenance and scheduled preventive maintenance in place for critical assets


Personnel Security:

  • Documented security policy; Employee Handbook
  • Security and IP protection training for all employees
  • Non-disclosure agreements with every employee
  • Termination and prosecution for any violation
  • Tracking of all employee emails sent and received
  • Strictly controlled and monitored Internet access
  • Print monitoring system