Application Servers

IBM Websphere

WebSphere is IBM's integration software platform. It includes the entire middleware infrastructure -- such as servers, services, and tools--needed to write, run, and monitor 24x7 industrial-strength, on demand Web applications and cross-platform, cross-product solutions. WebSphere provides reliable, flexible, and robust integration software.

WebSphere Application Server is the base for the infrastructure; everything else runs on top of it. It supports SOA and non-SOA environments. WebSphere Process Server, which is based on WebSphere Application Server, and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, provide the foundation for service-oriented architected (SOA), modular applications. Collectively, they support the use of business rules to drive applications that support business processes.


BEA Weblogic

BEA WebLogic Server is a fully-featured, standards-based application server providing the foundation on which an enterprise can build reliable, scalable, and manageable applications. With its comprehensive set of features, compliance with open standards, multi-tiered architecture, and support for component-based development, WebLogic Server provides the underlying core functionality necessary for the development and deployment of business-driven applications.

BEA Weblogic Server is part of the BEA Weblogic Platform and supports Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Enterprise and other JDBC-compliant databases.



JBoss delivers enterprise-class open source middleware for application and service hosting, content aggregation, data federation, and service integration – for both development and production. JBoss combines and integrates the latest enterprise ready features from the thriving community into stable, enterprise-class platform distributions.