Selecting China as the strategic expansion market is a vital component of continued enterprise growth across industry sectors. There are many compelling reasons why China is an ideal location to implement a multi-sourcing strategy or an Offshore Development Center. A smart China strategy is an imperative component for the future growth of all enterprises both large and small; having a trusted and reliable partner with a proven track record is also important.

Growth in Technical Education

The size and skill level of China’s talented human resources are just beginning to become evident on a global scale. For this reason, the Chinese Government has identified software as one of the six favored industries in 2000 and is proactively supporting the software outsourcing industry. National schools for software training have been set up and the number of graduates from Chinese universities with degrees in software engineering, computer sciences and IT is growing year after year.


Chinese Government Support

Chinese government support is proving to be critical in promoting the offshore software development business in China. In addition to investing heavily in developing a skilled workforce, the Chinese government has passed laws that protect private ownership and intellectual property rights in the country. The government also has embraced the idea of public/private partnerships as well as domestic/foreign partnerships.


Shanghai boasts a state of the art international airport with the largest number of direct international flights to major cities in the world.

The Maglev, the world’s fastest train, will take you from the airport to downtown in only 7 minutes. In addition, there are hotels and restaurants that suit all tastes and budgets. Given that China is one of the fastest-growing economies, the expansion opportunities are spectacular. Hardly a surprise, China's stunning economic forecast and stable growth keeps attracting record foreign direct investment.



The Chinese people realize that they need to become proficient in English to be competitive in this global economy. This is why there are more people in China learning English than there are people learning it in the United States. In fact, English has become China’s second language. The Chinese government understands the importance of linguistics and has pledged to invest more than $5.4 billion in English education at universities throughout China.


Existence of offshore manufacturing and physical proximity to major markets

It is clear that China is the manufacturing plant of the world, providing a sound base for outsourcing that is strengthened by risk mitigation and greater stability. China itself is a business and consumer market that boasts 1.3 billion people. In addition, China is geographically located in close proximity to Japan, the world’s second largest economy.